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Our Epic Brand Odyssey

Welcome to our swagalicious world! We’re obsessed with brands, and we’ve been on an exhilarating journey, always on the lookout for inventive ways to tell your brand story using the ultimate marketing weapon – SWAG!

From groovy tees to dazzling hard goods, and even mind-blowing custom creations, we’ve scoured the globe to unearth the most powerful merch, rockstar suppliers, and partners who can shatter your expectations when it comes to timelines and budgets.

Our adventure began in 2002, and we’ve had the privilege of working with some legendary brands along the way. Think Hyundai, Deloitte, Mini, Canon, Twitter, Mars, Tyco, Honda, DeWalt, Brock University, Wayne Gretzky, and the list goes on and on. We’ve sold mountains of SWAG, learning invaluable lessons about what’s possible and what’s not. Every day, we dive headfirst into finding solutions that nail exactly what our clients dream of.

Armed with this treasure trove of knowledge and our unbridled passion for branding, we decided to launch Inskribo. Our mission? To transform SWAG from a dull after thought into a strategic masterpiece.

"But what's up with the name?" you might wonder. Inskribo, my friend, is a play on the Latin word "Inscribe," which means to place your brand/mark upon something. We tried snagging inscribo.com, but it was a no-go, so we decided to give it a little twist by swapping the "c" for a "k," and voila! Inskribo was born.
Here at Inskribo, our goal is to shower you with ideas that'll have you bouncing off the walls with excitement, and your SWAG recipients doing the same. To supercharge our offerings, we've joined forces with I Promote U, a multi-million-dollar US juggernaut that lets us sprinkle endless inspiration from all corners of the globe onto your brand.
So, gear up, because your brand's adventure with Inskribo is about to get seriously fun and fantastically creative!

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